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Staying healthy is very important to many Canadians; exercising regularly, watching food intake and monitoring your medication are great ways to keep your body healthy. Heart 2 Heart, Canada’s best First Aid & CPR Training in Toronto, has a few suggestions to help you avoid some hidden detriments to good health:

Eating Too Much Meat

It’s important to incorporate proteins into your diet, and meat is a source of protein. Proteins help strengthen our muscles, bones, nails and mend our tissues. It is a chain of amino acids that helps to create enzymes and manage our hormones. However, eating too much meat can have a negative effect on our bodies. Meat is high in saturated fats and consuming too much fat can contribute to heart disease. To balance your saturated fat intake and proteins, Canada’s food guide suggests adults get 2-3 servings of meat and alternative products a day.

Drinking Too Much Water

Dieticians recommend drinking 2-3L of water each day. When we properly hydrate our bodies we absorb nutrients and vitamins much better. Being dehydrated can leave us feeling very tired and give us a dry mouth. Drinking too much water can hurt us too, by lowering the sodium in our bodies to an unhealthy level. Low sodium levels can give us muscle and body cramps. To hydrate just right stick to the recommended 2-3L.

Taking more than the Required Dosages of Medications

Acetaminophen is great for headaches and getting rid of your colds. Every year in Canada, over 4,000 people overdose on acetaminophen. Make sure to read the labels carefully and stay within the recommended dosage. When you overdose on medication you can hurt your liver. By following the labels instructions you can save yourself a trip to the emergency room!

It is always best to be prepared for medical emergencies. Heart 2 Heart offers First Aid & CPR training in Toronto, as well as babysitting and instructor courses. Contact 1-866-260-2790 or email register@heart2heartcpr.com for more information.

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