Addressing Heart Health Amongst Children

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Most children are born with healthy hearts that can serve them for many years to come. When you give your children good habits to abide to, they’ll be able to keep their heart healthy and active forward into adulthood. here are some habits you can instil in your young ones so they can avoid hart problems or conditions in the future.

Healthy Eating Habits

Teach your children to eat healthy at a young age and they will become used to this type of living. WHile you may believe kids are not as interested in eating healthy foods, there are many snack foods available that will provide your children with nourishment, such as nuts and fruits. They don’t need to reach for a chocolate bar or a bag of chips when they are hungry. By instilling these healthy eating patterns at a young age, your children will naturally reach for better foods when they get older.

There are a lot of places on the Internet where you can find heart healthy interesting recipes that can be served to children as snacks or as meals. Some of these recipes are served in a way that children find intriguing. Once you start putting together different meal plans and offering healthy snack foods to your kids, you’ll find that your children will start to appreciate them and will start reaching for them on their own.


Many children rely on TV, video games and their cell phones to stay occupied – as a result,

Canadian children are ranked at one of the least active in the world. parents guide children away from electronics and steer them towards some form of exercise they enjoy.

It would be difficult and harmful to completely ban the use of electronics for many children, but compromises can be made in the form of time limitations. You can also find out what types of activities are available in your local community, and sign your child up for an activities they enjoy, such as certain team sports. You can also implement weekly hikes, bike rides and a variety of other activities that will not only be good for your child’s heart but for yours as well.

Keeping the heart healthy at any age is a priority for us here at Heart2Heart. Find out more about heart healthy options for you and your family at To learn more about more immediate heart health, including First Aid/CPR courses in your area, contact us today!


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