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There are two important steps that go hand-in-hand when someone goes into sudden cardiac arrest. CPR involves compressing the chest to keep the blood flowing in the body. This keeps the organs from deteriorating during the event and it is an important part of saving a person’s life. AED training teaches a student how to use an automated external defibrillator should there be one available when a cardiac arrest occurs.

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Many public buildings now have these defibrillators on hand and they are a vital part of the life-saving process. While CPR helps to keep the organs alive, the AED machine can restart the heart so that it can beat on its own. It’s important to learn both techniques and this is why you’ll see CPR/AED courses available. In these courses, you’ll learn the first steps to take when you see a person suffering from cardiac arrest.

The first step is always to call 911 or to advise someone else to make the call while you are starting CPR. The chest compressions should begin right away while other people stay on the line with the 911 dispatch and look for an AED unit nearby.

When you have training, you’ll know how to use the AED machine properly without hesitation. The AED will determine whether a shock is required to get the heartbeat started again and will let you know where to place the pad and how to get the victim prepared. If there is no AED close by, CPR should be administered until first responders arrive on the scene.

It only takes a few minutes for the brain and other vital organs to die if they don’t receive oxygen and blood. By administering CPR you can keep these organs alive while help is on the way. The AED machine can jumpstart the heart, and the sooner it is used the better the chances of survival are for the victim.

Learn AED and CPR today. You never know when a loved one may need your assistance during a cardiac arrest. Find out where our courses are being offered in your local area by visiting or call contact us today toll-free for more information.


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