Celebrate CPR Month This November with Heart2Heart

November is CPR month across Canada, and if you haven’t yet learned how to perform CPR, the time to get trained is now. This November you may run into a situation where you can save a life through CPR techniques taught in our courses.
If one of your family members or acquaintances suddenly went into cardiac arrest, would you know how to handle it? While most people are able to recognize the symptoms and signs of a cardiac emergency, most don’t have the training required to effectively help another individual in distress.
CPR, when used along with an AED, can double the chance of survival for the patient when it is immediately administered. Every year at least 50,000 people across this country die from heart disease. You can be one of the people that has the tools available to save one of them.
Approximately 60% of first-aid procedures are performed on family members, so take the opportunity to embrace CPR Month to get yourself properly trained. Now is the best time to take a course before you find yourself unexpectedly facing an emergency either in the workplace, at home, on the street or in a public building. No matter where you are, when you have CPR and first aid training under your belt you will have the confidence and the ability to provide medical assistance.
At Heart2Heart we have extensive CPR and first aid courses running throughout the month. Be a part of this special November to learn how to use defibrillators, find out when they should be used and to learn the techniques required to deliver CPR by hand. Learn more at heart2heartcpr.com to see a list of the training sessions that will be taking place near you, or contact us today to learn more about the skills you can acquire.