CPR: How Much Do You Know?

Are you prepared for an emergency in which CPR must be correctly administered? If your answer is no, it is time to start getting prepared as you never know when an emergency may happen. It could be a loved one or a stranger, but being equipped with the proper CPR knowledge and training is the way to ensure you will be able to aid a person in need.
What is CPR?
CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is a rescue procedure used in emergency situations where a person is unresponsive, not breathing properly, or their heart’s not beating effectively. CPR keeps oxygenated blood circulating throughout the body until a normal heart rhythm can be restored. CPR can help revive the heart and lungs, and can potentially help avoid severe brain damage or death.
When is CPR needed?
CPR is most effective when administered as quickly as possible to someone in distress, if you have first determined that it is necessary. CPR should only be performed if the person is unresponsive and not breathing normally; evaluating a person’s responsiveness can be done by observing eye movement/opening, attempts to speak, or intentional movement of limbs. Receiving certified CPR training is extremely important, as being able to make these quick evaluations and decisions in an emergency situation are of utmost importance.
In any emergency, calling 911 should be done first. But when you are trained in First Aid and CPR you will be the person capable of providing help until medical professionals can arrive. This could mean the difference between life and death for someone. Heart 2 Heart provides comprehensive Red Cross-certified First Aid and CPR training courses for individuals or groups, with AED training included in all courses. We have training facilities or can train groups of 8+ participants at an offsite location of your choice. With the proper training, you could help save a life, so contact us today to get registered for the next training course or call us toll free at 1-866-260-2790. Get your First Aid and CPR training in Toronto with Heart 2 Heart!