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There have been a lot of studies conducted lately regarding the link between heart health and oral health. Many researchers have come to the conclusion that there is definitely an important link between the two that should not be ignored. Brushing and flossing your teeth is an important part of your cardiovascular health as are regular cleanings performed at a dentist’s office. Preventative dentistry does play an important role in the maintenance of your overall heart health.

It’s estimated that at least 80% of the population is suffering from undiagnosed gum disease. In many cases gum disease does not provide symptoms that a patient would recognize and many people don’t go to the dentist until they are having a problem with their teeth. For this reason, it’s important to schedule regular visits with your dentist at least once a year for an overall checkup.

According to recent studies, if your gum disease is at a stage that could be considered moderate to advanced, your heart disease risk is higher than it would be compared to someone that has healthy gums. Germs and bacteria can be spread via your bloodstream from your mouth to your heart. This bacteria may cause inflammation and lead to endocarditis, which is an inner lining infection of the heart. As well, strokes and clogged arteries are also linked to the growth of oral bacteria.

Further studies are being conducted at this time to find out the exact relationship between the bacterial organisms that lead to heart disease and those that lead to periodontal disease. Symptoms of gum disease include swollen and red gums, bleeding gums, bad breath, loose teeth and gum infection. If you see any of these warning signs it’s time to pick up the phone, call your dentist and schedule your next appointment.
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