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Mississauga First Aid Certification Courses

The time to get started is now with first aid certification training so that you can be prepared for any type of emergency. From small scrapes to life-threatening situations, a first aid certification program will give you all the confidence you need to handle any medical problems that may come up either at home, on the job or even when you’re out and about doing some quick shopping.

First-Aid at Home

If you have children it’s vital to have safety training knowledge by your side. Children are prone to accidents and a parent can find himself dealing with a number of different medical problems on a regular basis. You may find yourself as the only adult available to administer first aid, which could be life-saving. Even if an emergency occurs that requires paramedic help, you’ll be the first responder on the scene and can administer the first aid that may end up saving a child’s or an adult’s life.

First-Aid on the Job

First aid should be compulsory for any employee to ensure safety and health in the workplace. When employees become more aware of safety, this naturally helps to reduce the number of work-related accidents that could occur. As well, a number of work-related injuries may require immediate critical medical attention. With first aid training below their belts workers will have the confidence to remain calm during a medical situation and will be able to provide help to those who need it without any confusion or fear.


This is a 16 hour, 2 day course with extra training offered to healthcare providers. The course covers a number of different areas including illnesses, life-threatening emergencies and first-aid injuries.


This is an 8 hour, 1 day course with extra training available for healthcare providers. It covers all injuries and life-threatening illnesses so that you can be prepared for any type of sudden medical emergency. This is the base necessary training that any layperson, family member or employee should have as a bare minimum.

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