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Chest pain can occur for a variety of reasons. Any type of chest pain, however, that lasts for 15 minutes or longer should be taken seriously. As soon as chest pain starts, a careful assessment must be made and paramedics should be called immediately if a heart attack or any type of heart problem is suspected.

A heart attack takes place when a blood vessel running along the outside of the heart becomes blocked. When there is only a small blood vessel involved there is a good chance that the patient will recover after receiving proper medical treatment. If a major blood vessel is blocked, however, the patient may go into cardiac arrest and need CPR.

A person that is experiencing chest pain may also be having an angina attack, which consists of blood vessels narrowing in the heart area. This can occur when a person is exercising or it can take place when the patient is at rest. Lack of blood flow causes distress and chest pain. In many cases the person is aware that he does suffer from angina and may have medication with him that will relax the blood vessels’ muscular walls. If you’re given the person his medication for angina and it has not relieved the symptoms within 15 minutes, the person may possibly be suffering from a heart attack.

Chest pain can also be caused by indigestion and heartburn. Quite often the person will have experienced a reaction to eating certain foods and may have some heartburn medication with him to help alleviate it. As in the case of angina, if the heartburn medication doesn’t help, seek medical help immediately.

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