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The human body’s soft tissues include fat, muscles and two layers of skin that protect all underlying body structures. An open wound means there is damage to the skin, which can cause bleeding and infection.

Before giving care, wash your hands thoroughly or use gloves if available. Do not breathe or cough over the wound. In the case of minor wounds where there is only surface damage and little bleeding, wash the wound with soap and water.

Carefully rinse away any loose materials on the skin’s surface. Disinfecting the area with an antibiotic ointment will help prevent infection and speed the healing process. Infection is always a concern when an injury breaks the skin. For workplaces avoid using any medicated ointments in case the casualty has an allergy to it.

After cleaning the wound, apply sterile dressings. For smaller wounds, use a simple adhesive bandage that can come in different shapes and sizes. For larger wounds, use square sterile gauze pads and roller bandages.

Wash the wound with soap and water. Rinse the wound thoroughly with clean water.

For smaller minor wounds, use a simple adhesive bandage after washing the wound with soap and water. For larger soft tissue injuries, use square sterile gauze pads and roller bandages to secure the dressing in place. Watch the area for infection.

Minor open wounds can become serious if there is:

  • Heavy bleeding
  • Pain with movement of the body part
  • Deep damage to the body tissue

Being trained in first aid and CPR will give you the knowledge and confidence to be able to remedy emergency situations, and it’s a precaution you just may be thanked for later. Contact us today and you’ll be on the road to having the knowledge and preparedness that may one day save a life.

By Nick Rondinelli
CEO – Heart to Heart First Aid CPR Services Inc.
Author of “Ready, Set, Rescue’ copyright 2019


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