First Aid Treatment for Hypothermia

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Do you know the risk of hypothermia? In order to handle the situation properly, everyone living in Canada should know the basics of first-aid for this condition. As well, it’s important to learn the symptoms of hypothermia so that you can act quickly. This is an emergency medical situation that requires fast action in order to possibly save a life.

Mild to Moderate Hypothermia

When a person is suffering from mild hypothermia, he will be shivering but his core temperature will remain relatively normal. At this point the person may complain about numbness in his toes or fingers. When the condition turns into a case of moderate hypothermia, however, the core temperature is affected and starts to fall. Not only may the patient complain of numbness in his extremities, but he may start to feel numb in other body parts as well. There will be intense shivering and you may also notice that his coordination and behaviour is being affected. Once moderate hypothermia sets in, it can quickly advance to severe hypothermia, so emergency measures must be taken before things get out of control.

Severe Hypothermia

This is a life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention. The person’s core temperature has lowered to less than 30°C and the patient may become unconscious. He will no longer be shivering, which is also an indication of severe danger. If the body temperature dips below 30°C, the condition often becomes fatal.

Severe hypothermia requires an instant 911 call and in all cases you’ll need to get the person warmed up gradually. When a person is warmed too quickly it can lead to arrhythmias of the heart. While you’re waiting for the ambulance to arrive, cover the person with blankets, check his breathing and be prepared to treat him should he become unresponsive. It’s important to warm up the person gradually and not quickly since the latter can lead to disastrous consequences.

First-aid takes into account not only the cause of the problem, but the most effective ways to deal with a situation for a successful outcome. Learn how to provide optimum first-aid treatment for hypothermia patients and for other life-threatening emergencies by taking A First-Aid/CPR course soon. Learn more about our lifesaving courses by visiting our site at


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