Get Re-Certified for CPR in Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, St. John's

First Aid CPR Recertification Courses

Once you have been CPR certified you’ll need to keep in mind that the certificate is valid for 3 years only. After that, the certification is no longer in effect. Getting re-certified for CPR is fast and easy as long as you take the course while your certificate is still valid. Keep an eye on the date of expiry on your card and schedule your recertification course before time runs out.

CPR – Social Responsibility

CPR certification may be required for a job position but many other people come into Heart to Heart First Aid/CPR Services to learn these skills as a part of their social responsibility. You never know when a family member or friend will have an emergency, so it’s always a good idea to be prepared. As well, if you witness an emergency while walking down the street you can offer your services and save a life.
There can never be too many people trained in CPR techniques. The training is inexpensive and you’ll be amazed to see how easy it is to learn. Once you have been qualified to perform CPR you’ll always have this training to use in a moment of crisis. If you haven’t taken the course in a while and need to get recertified, book an appointment online.

CPR Recertification for Employment

If you work in the healthcare field you’ll definitely need CPR certification. If on the other hand, you have a job in a completely different field, being CPR certified is definitely something that should be added to your resume. Having an employee that knows CPR is definitely a company asset for any type of business.

Keeping your Red Cross\ CPR certification up-to-date is crucial. No matter what type of reason you had in the first place for becoming qualified, you need to make sure that your certificate remains valid.

One-Day Training

Recertification can be done in one day and you’ll receive training on the skills needed to respond to and to recognize all types of cardiovascular emergencies. You’ll also have up-to-date training on automated external defibrillator usage and other life-saving methods. All of the courses offered at Heart to Heart First Aid/CPR Services follow the latest guidelines.

Once you have completed the training you will be provided with your certification card right away. You’ll be able to supply this to your employer the next day when you arrive for work. Just make sure that you schedule a re-certification course with us before your current CPR certificate expires. Call us today at 416-850-4236 or visit our re-certification page for more information on course dates and locations.

Get Re-Certified for CPR in Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, St. John’s


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