Heart 2 Heart CPR: How to Recognize Your Getting a Heat Stroke

You’ve been out in the summer heat all day. Your legs feel tight and your palms are dry. You’re sweating through your shirt and beginning to feel a little bit disoriented. Sound familiar? You may be experiencing a heat stroke. Heat stroke is when your body struggles with controlling its core temperature. When someone gets heat stroke, it can injure their brain and body functions. There are 2 different types of heat stroke and knowing which type of stroke you are having can come in handy. At Heart 2 Heart, we are always looking for a way to prevent health issues and emergencies, which is why we offer First Aid & CPR training Toronto. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of heat stroke, how to recognize and prevent them.
Types of Heatstroke
There are 2 types of heat stroke: classical non-exertional heat stroke is when your body loses its ability to moderate its temperature. This version is common with seniors because as we age, our bodies metabolize fat differently. The other form is exertional heat stroke. Exertional heat stroke is when your body can’t moderate its temperature while performing physical activity.
To make sure you stay properly hydrated and heat-safe in this warm weather you should try following these 5 simple tips:

  • Avoid drinking coffee or alcohol because they can reduce the fluids in your body,
  • Dress in loose, baggy and light clothing when you are outside,
  • Drink lots and lots of water and avoid foods with a high salt content because this reduces the fluids in your body,
  • Try using a sunscreen with an SPF over 30 or carry a hat because getting sunburn stops your body from sweating which impedes the body’s ability to control its cooling process and
  • Remember that some medications for nausea, allergies and diabetes can affect how your body moderates its temperate creating the potential for a heat stroke.

Prevention is important in emergency situations. To learn more about First Aid & CPR training Toronto at Heart 2 Heart, call 1-866-260-2790 (toll free) or email register@heart2heartcpr.com.