How to Get First Aid and CPR Certification?

Get First Aid and CPR Certification

Your Lifesaving Journey: Getting First Aid and CPR Certification with Heart2Heart CPR

Embarking on the path to becoming CPR and first aid certified is a commendable and lifesaving commitment. With Heart to Heart First Aid CPR Services, colloquially known as Heart2Heart CPR, we ensure that Canadians navigate this journey backed by quality, convenience, and a legacy of expertise. Let’s delve into how you can obtain your first aid and CPR certification with us.

1. Understand Why It’s Essential

Before navigating the process, recognize the undeniable significance of these certifications:

  • Professional Requirement: Careers in healthcare, personal training, security, coaching, and many more demand CPR and first aid certification.
  • Educational Prerequisites: Numerous college and university programs list this certification as a primary prerequisite.
  • Personal Preparedness: Equip yourself with skills to intervene effectively during emergencies.

2. Choose Your Preferred Course

Heart2Heart CPR presents a range of courses, listed in order of popularity:

  • Standard First Aid CPR level C: Our most sought-after course that offers comprehensive training.
  • Emergency First Aid CPR level C: A foundational course covering essential first aid and CPR basics.
  • CPR level C: Solely centered on CPR training techniques.
  • Basic Life Support (BLS): Advanced resuscitative techniques designed for healthcare professionals.
  • Recertification Courses: In Ontario and most provinces, recertification courses are available for both Standard First Aid CPR and CPR-only courses. To be eligible, one must have a valid certificate (that hasn’t crossed its expiry date). It’s essential to note that for Standard First Aid, only Canadian Red Cross certifications are eligible for recertification through Heart2Heart CPR.

3. Decide on Your Learning Method

With our forward-thinking educational methods, we provide varied learning methods:

  • Blended Learning Courses: Combining the convenience of online modules with hands-on in-class training, this method is popular for its time efficiency. By choosing courses labeled as ‘Blended’, learners can reduce in-class duration by about 50%. This approach not only offers flexibility but ensures learners grasp both theoretical knowledge and practical skills effectively.
  • Traditional In-class Courses: For those who prefer a completely tactile learning experience, these sessions are led by our expert instructors in a fully in-person setting.

4. Register with Heart2Heart CPR

Upon finalizing your course and preferred learning technique, register with Heart2Heart CPR. Our user-friendly online portal showcases a roster of available courses, alongside dates and timings, making the booking process a breeze.

5. Engage, Participate, and Achieve Certification

Active engagement is the cornerstone of learning, be it in a physical classroom or online. At Heart2Heart CPR, education is interactive and dynamic. Upon course completion, you’re awarded a certification from the Canadian Red Cross, valid for 3 years (with BLS being an exception, holding a 1-year validity).


Whether driven by career demands, academic necessities, or personal motivations, Heart2Heart CPR, a stalwart with over 24 years in the field, assures that your certification journey is unparalleled. The skills you hone have the potential to change and save lives. Embark on this lifesaving endeavor with Heart2Heart CPR today.


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