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When it comes to hiring a babysitter, all parents want a responsible, qualified candidate who will be capable of ensuring the happiness and safety of their children. But how do you know who to hire? Most parents trust a known neighborhoods teen as their babysitter, but it is important to ensure anyone in the care of children have the appropriate training. Heart 2 Heart has compiled a list of tips and considerations for parents looking to hire a reliable babysitter:

References and experience

An easy way to determine if a babysitter is reliable is checking with references they have previously worked for, and seeing what experience they have. That way, you get a preview of their work ethic, and can assess if they can take on the responsibility of caring for your children.

Arrange a meeting between babysitter and children

To make sure the babysitter will get along well with your children, set up a meeting or a play date. Some children are shy around new people, but if they meet the new babysitter beforehand, it can make it easier for them to come out of their shell before you leave.

Ensure proper emergency training

It is of utmost importance that any babysitter you entrust your children with is trained and certified in CPR & First Aid. Knowing the proper way to respond to emergencies or medical distress can be the difference between life and death. A responsible babysitter will have completed a certified Babysitter’s Course, in which they are trained on how to be a reliable and attentive babysitter, with first aid training.

Choosing a babysitter doesn’t have to be a chore- just look for responsible people with their Babysitter Course certification. That way you can rest assured that your children will be safely in capable hands. If you are interested in pursuing CPR & First Aid Training in Toronto, book your course with Heart 2 Heart online today, or call us at 1-866-260-2790.

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