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Today, we celebrate my sister Beatrice, affectionately known as “Madame Bosch” by her students. Beatrice’s journey with metastatic breast cancer (METS), emerging a decade after remission, was not only harrowing but also a testament to her bravery and resilience. This formidable disease claimed her at the young age of 44, leaving a void in the hearts of her loving family.

Metastasis, a shadowy progression of breast cancer, can silently spread to the liver, bones, brain, or lungs. Bea’s story is a testament to the importance of vigilance, even in remission. Increased awareness and support can lead to advancements in treatment options and potentially extend and improve the quality of life for those affected.

It’s a harsh reality that, despite medical advancements, a cure for metastatic breast cancer (METS) is still far out of reach. Many remain unaware of METS and its tragic prevalence among younger people. Breast cancer doesn’t just happen in the breasts! It can spread. Be aware.

As I reflect on our shared moments – the laughter, adventures, and even challenges – I’m reminded of Beatrice’s grace and courage. Her legacy continues to inspire and guide us, urging us to value each moment and remain dedicated to the fight for a cure.

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Today, we honour her memory, forever 44, a symbol of hope and love. Beatrice, you are loved beyond measure, missed beyond words, and will always be remembered with every beat of our hearts. 🌸💔🎗️


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