Only Trust a CPR Certified Babysitter

As a parent you know that anything can happen to your child in the blink of an eye. Hopefully, so far, it’s only been a scraped knee or a few bruises from falling off a bike. If, however, something more severe should happen to your child, you’ll want to know that you have a CPR certified babysitter looking after your child when you go out.
The heart can stop for a number of reasons. A major trauma such as running into a brick wall when a young child is riding a small motorized kiddy car can be enough to stop the heart instantly. In this type of scenario, you’ll need someone nearby that knows how to do CPR right away while waiting for the ambulance.
The heart can stop for various other reasons that are not associated with a heart attack. One of the major problems that a babysitter can run into is your child choking on his food out of the blue. If he can’t get his breath, the heart won’t keep on beating very long. You should have a babysitter that knows how to handle choking issues in babies, toddlers and older children.
CPR for Children
It’s important to learn how to administer CPR on children from a qualified instructor. You certainly won’t want to cause damage to a young child by administering CPR. There are certain steps that must be followed when a child stops breathing and you’ll need to know all of them in order to handle the situation with confidence. As well, you’ll need to remain calm and rational during an emergency. Our courses can give any babysitter the confidence needed to stay calm and to administer proper CPR to the children being cared for.
There’s a lot that’s required of a babysitter. The parents are giving all their trust in their babysitter. In fact, there is no bigger form of trust than caring for a young child. A babysitter needs to know how to entertain a young one, how to handle situations where the child doesn’t listen and enforce the rules that have been left by the parents. As well, the child must be cared for physically, and the sitter must be responsible for any accidents that occur.
When you are ready for a situation, you’re in a much better position to be able to handle it. Get CPR training today, if you’re a babysitter. Demand it of a sitter if you’re a parent. As a sitter, you’ll find that your services will be much more in demand and you can ask for a higher pay rate when you have CPR qualifications.
Call us today at  416-960-5319 to find out more about our CPR and babysitter courses or visit our website at As a parent or as a babysitter, you have the responsibility of knowing how to deal with cardiac emergencies when they happen.