Standing Up Is Good For Your Heart

Standing up is great for your heart – it can help reduce cholesterol levels, weight and blood sugar, which in turn lowers the risk of heart disease. According to a study that was published in the European Heart Journal, extending your time sitting down can also increase the risk factor of developing heart disease.
In this Australian study, 700 adults were monitored to learn how much time was spent walking slowly, walking at various paces, standing, and sitting. The results showed that blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as weight, went up for every 2 hours of sitting time per day. The study also showed that substituting these 2 hours of sitting for standing made an improvement in terms of cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
There are several other studies finding that too much sitting can raise the risk of developing not only heart disease but various other diseases and illnesses, such as cancer and diabetes. Whether it involved sitting on the job or sitting back and watching TV, the results were the same.
There are many ways to avoid sitting for extended periods of time – once you get into the habit of standing up to perform various tasks it will become a way of life. Instead of sitting down to watch TV, try standing to watch your favourite show and stand up or even walk around while you’re on the phone. If you work on a computer at the office, you can invest in a standing desk that raises the computer so it can be accessed easily while you’re in an upright position. There are a number of inexpensive fold-up platforms available online that you can rest right on your desk to raise your computer.
The next time you check your mail, sort it while you’re standing up. When you’re preparing your upcoming meal, do all the chopping, slicing and dicing while you’re standing. Your heart will thank you for it.
Making the switch over to a standing lifestyle is just one of the many heart-healthy choices you can make to lead a longer life. Learn more about living with your heart condition at, or contact us today to find out about our CPR and first aid courses.