Stay Safe with These Water Safety Tips

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It’s natural to want to spend some time in the water cooling off during the hot days of summer. Not only does the water offer excitement and relaxation but it also helps to ward off heatstroke and heat exhaustion. There are some tips that you should keep in mind, however, when it comes to time spent in the water so that you can enjoy it thoroughly while staying safe.

Water Currents

A water current can be extremely powerful and has the potential to quite literally sweep you away while you are swimming. Check the flow of water before taking a swim and if you notice that it is flowing quickly or don’t feel sure about the current, stay away from the water. If you’re at a beach you can ask a lifeguard if there are any undertows present or look for flags that indicate the power of the undertows on that day.

Respect the Buoys

Buoys are set up to mark an area that is dedicated to swimming and when you don’t respect them and swim past them you may run into dangers such as boating traffic, rocks or marine life. You will also be setting an example for others that may lead them into hazardous conditions.


Only dive into water when you know the depth of it. If you can’t see down to the bottom of the water, this does not indicate that the water is deep enough for diving. There may also be other dangers such as rocks that you can’t see. Never take a chance with diving when you don’t know the depth beforehand since water depth can be deceiving when you are looking down from above.

Swimming Partner

Even an experienced swimmer can fall prey to muscle cramps or exhaustion when swimming. Never swim alone and always partner up with someone that could provide assistance should you run into trouble.

Supervising Children

A child can drown in a matter of minutes if left unsupervised near or in the water. Never leave a child unsupervised for any reason when you are in the vicinity of water, as small children can drown even in a few inches of water.

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