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As the old saying goes, ‘Better safe than sorry’. When you’re babysitting during the summer, it’s important to let kids enjoy their time outside with the good weather, but also to be prepared for reacting effectively in an emergency situation.

First Aid & CPR Training Toronto

Your job as a sitter is to make sure that children have fun in a safe environment. Children are still learning about everyday dangers, so knowing CPR and First Aid can come in handy if they happen to find themselves at risk. As a guardian, you never know when an injury or illness might happen with children so it’s always best to be prepared. When it comes to emergency response, time is vital. Making sure that you can provide proper and timely First Aid & CPR care while waiting for emergency responders, can make the difference between a good recovery and a prolonged illness.

Water Fun

Swimming is a great way for children to stay active and hydrated during the summer. Lots of people have pools in their backyards, apartments or condo buildings. Children need to be watched with a close eye when getting in the water. Some children swim often or have taken lessons. Other children may not swim very well and so it’s important they stay in the shallow end of the pool with direct supervision and assistance. Make sure to ask the parents if the children need to bring goggles, water diapers, swimming caps or earplugs.

Playground Rules

Many children love going down the slide or pretending to be firefighters while swinging down the pole. It’s important that they follow a few safety rules when they play on these structures in the playground. Make sure that the children are a reasonable distance from the swing to prevent getting hit, and also be sure that smaller children stay away from the higher platforms.

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