What is First Aid? How to Get First Aid CPR Certificate in Canada

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What is first aid and why is it so vitally important? First aid is emergency care given immediately to an ill or injured person. The purpose of first aid is to minimize injury and future disability. In serious cases, first aid may be necessary to keep the person alive.

When you understand first aid, you’ll learn how to help those in need. Through our first aid certification courses,  you’ll learn how to respond to specific situations, which will help you care for people in crisis as they wait for medical professionals to arrive. This gives them the best opportunity for a positive outcome – and gives you the opportunity to change someone’s life for the better.

What You Will Learn In A Standard First Aid Course

First aid training is designed to teach non-medical professionals how to provide help and assistance in times of crisis. Our first aid courses will allow you to gain an understanding of first aid best practices for a wide range of conditions, including:

  • CPR
  • Asthma emergencies
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Burns
  • Choking
  • Diabetic emergencies
  • External bleeding
  • Heart Attack
  • Poisoning
  • Neck, head and spinal injuries
  • Bone, muscle, joint injuries
  • Stroke
  • Seizure

Goals of First Aid

There are 3 specific aims of first-aid:

Preserve life

Unfortunately, in some cases, it’s not only the person’s life that needs to be saved, you may be in danger as well. With certified first aid courses, you can learn how to provide care to another person without putting your own life at risk.

Promote recovery

First aid can help with the recovery of an injury and stop things from becoming any worse. Cooling down a burn, for example, can provide dramatic results in terms of the patient’s overall recovery time.

First aid also provides methods to offer relief from pain, protection to an unconscious person, and reassurance to the person. It can greatly reduce the severity of an illness or an injury, and if the person that is administering this first aid can keep the person’s condition from becoming any worse, they can consider it a job well done.

Prevent worsening

A first aid provider not only attends to the person but also handles the surrounding area to prevent the scene or situation from worsening. Dangers such as fumes and traffic may need to be controlled while handling the injured person’s condition to prevent it from deteriorating.

When appropriate and prompt first-aid is provided, the severity of an injury or illness can be reduced in many cases. When there is an extreme emergency, first-aid can be a lifesaver!

Emergency situations always happen out of the blue and the only way to really prepare for one is to arm yourself with the knowledge and confidence that a first aid course can provide you before it’s too late. This way, if you run across anyone that has been injured or is suffering and needs help, you’ll be able to apply your life-saving knowledge and skills right away.

The time is now to get into a first-aid course which will also teach you how to perform CPR. Learn more about our first aid and CPR certification courses and how to sign up for one today by visiting our website.

By Nick Rondinelli
CEO – Heart to Heart First Aid CPR Services Inc.
Author of “Ready, Set, Rescue’ copyright 2019


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