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We Save Lives, So Can You!

First Aid/CPR

We Save Lives,
So Can You!

Heart to Heart First Aid/CPR Services Inc. specializes in First Aid and CPR/AED training to the lay public as well as professional responders. We have been in operation for over 23 years and we are one of the largest Canadian Red Cross training providers in Canada. Our head office and main training centre is located in Downtown Toronto East and we have over 18 training locations across the country. We are an “on-site” and “off-site” training facility available to all individuals and groups who are interested in obtaining these important lifesaving skills. Our approach to instruction is interactive, hands-on and enjoyable. Our excellent instructors are hand-picked and personally trained by the CEO and his senior staff of at Heart to Heart. Our secret recipe for delivering a perfect course is instilled in all of our instructors and courses. We pride ourselves on being experts in adult education and first aid training. Our passion is to teach people to save lives. We take our work and advocacy very seriously. We are humanitarians who strive to make the world a better place.

With courses on weekdays, evenings and weekends, we have the flexibility to suit your schedule. Our office hours are 9am –5pm Monday though Friday.
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Director & Founder – Nick Rondinelli

Nick Rondinelli

Nick Rondinelli is the owner of Heart to Heart First Aid CPR Services Inc., one of the largest Red Cross Training Partners in Canada, offering training and certification courses in First Aid, CPR, Basic Life Support (BLS), Professional Responder, Psychological First Aid, and Instructor Development Courses. With 18 training locations across Canada, Heart to Heart is a nation-wide Red Cross provider.

In July 1999, Nick pioneered the direct delivery training model for Red Cross public courses in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). He was the first training partner to have multiple locations in the GTA and paved the way for what would soon be an entire industry of Red Cross training partners.

Nick is also the co-owner of Giraffe Multimedia Inc., a video production company specializing in educational programming and digital branding, also for 21 years. Nick merged his companies and passions to develop over 50 titles of First Aid/CPR educational videos, digital products, and content branding. This created a pathway to an international market (US, Canada, UK) with many distribution channels, one of which is Discovery Communications.

Nick also wrote and developed two (2) independent First Aid Certification Programs that were separately approved by the WSIB in Ontario, and Workplace Health and Safety in Alberta. These independent programs and certifications were provincially recognized and deemed equivalent to the St. John Ambulance Program.

In recent months, Nick Rondinelli has taken a new role and title as President and co-owner of iTEST (iTesting and Evaluation Solutions Technology Inc), a company with a USPTO PATENT PENDING product. Due to COVID-19 and the debilitating impact to in-class group training, Nick felt compelled to utilize his skills to continue a project that he started back in 2007 – a fully online solution for first aid/CPR training and certification, one that included virtual capabilities for “hands-on” practical skill testing and evaluation. This is a platform that can revolutionize in-class and group training/certification using an all-in-one learning management system with built-in evaluation processes to create video evidence for skill competency.

Today you will find Nick working hard on building his businesses and furthering his advocacy projects. He values his clients and community and works hard every day to develop the best training possible with easy to learn teaching methods and high-quality multimedia resource materials. “I could never have done it without the support of my clients, community and amazing staff …and for that I am forever grateful,”- says Nick. “The biggest gift that I can give back is ensuring that each and every student that is trained by Heart to Heart, leaves with the confidence, skills and compassion that is required to help someone else in a time of need.”

Nick is also a recipient of “The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award,” which was presented to him by His Royal Highness, Prince Phillip.

He is also the recipient of the The Rescuers Award in 2019 presented to him by the Canadian Red Cross when he came to the aid of an injured person at the scene of an accident involving a head-on-collision.

Nick’s greatest accomplishment, if you ask him, was becoming an LGBTQ father, who cherishes his family every day.